Services Overview

MEPF :- MEPF stands for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Fighting Services, All come under Building services.

M – Mechanical:- Mechanical engineering is one part of MEPF engineering. Engineers in the mechanical discipline are responsible for designing heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems for buildings.

E – Electrical:- Electrical engineering is another part of MEPF engineering. Electrical engineers that work in MEP engineering design the systems that power a building.

P – Plumbing:- Plumbing engineering the ‘P’ in MEPF engineering. Plumbing engineers design the water-based systems with end-uses like sinks, showers, and toilets. In addition, plumbing designers work on a variety of unique building systems.

F – Fire Fighting:- Fire fighting engineering the ‘F’ in MEPF engineering. Fire fighting engineer. Fire fighting Engineer design the Fire fighting services as per the Indian Law or International Law/ Guidelines. Fire fighting included Hydrant System, Sprinkler system, Fire suppression system, Gas flooding system, etc.

Workflow & role OF A MEP CONSULTANT

  • Meeting client / Architect
  • Taking drawings from Architect / Client
  • Collecting data & preparing space planning on drawings
  • Preparing design based report & budget of the project on MEP front.
  • Taking approval from architect and client on design.
  • Preparing detail design and design drawings i.e called tender drawing.
  • Based on tender drawing preparing the tender documents.
  • Tender document consist of Bill of Qty, Estimate, Technical specification, Make list & tender dwg.
  • Floating tender into the market into the various Agency
  • Based on the received priced tender preparing comparison statement both technical and financial.
  • Assist the client in floating the tender.
  • Issuing Good for construction drawing to the contractor for working
  • Contractor prepares shop drawings as per site condition.
  • Giving approval on Contract’s shop drawing.
  • Solving the problem of the contractor if any during construction
  • Periodic site visit for checking that the work is going as per tender & to check the quality of work