1. Why MEP consultant firm required in a project?
  • Any project is successful when the right team works on it. For any construction or renovation project an MEP consulting firm is just as important as an architect or a builder. MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing & fire fighting; a type of engineering that focuses on creating a safe environment for human use.

      2. What are the building services and How they related to MEP ?

  • Imagine yourself in the most fabulous building in the world. Now take away the lighting, Heating and Ventilation, The Lift, escalator’s, acoustics, Plumbing, Power, Fire fighting, Energy management, Security & Safety system.
  • You are left only a cold, dark, uninhabitable shell.
  • Everythings insidethe building which makes it safe & confortable to be in comes under the title of Building Services. These are all comes under MEP Services.

     3. Why any firm hires a consultant?

  • Procurement of right equipment in terms of costs / sizing / quantities / technical requirements / completeness & their integration.
  • Gives you the choice of multiple alternatives at concept stage with costs to suit your requirements.
  • Maintenance costs are minimized due to highly specialized engineering design.
  • Provision of expansion due to modular system design – No shut down / minimized shut down.
  • Compliance of various codes/ Standards including for safety.
  • Minimum power loss in power distribution resulting in substantial saving in energy cost.
  • Technical expertise: Consultant can be the technical spokesperson for the customer at all platforms.
  • Faster execution of projects to save you time & costs.
  • Better project control for customer due to superior documentation – highly useful for operations / maintenance / future expansion.

     4. Why Behera Associates Private Limited?

  • Work Experience over 30years.
  • Always Excellence and innovative design to minimize both Capex & Opex.
  • Dedicated, Qualified, Experience, Engineers are working in projects
  • Commitment to Quality Design & always adhere time line.
  • Working closely to client’s need and meeting the budgetary parameter.